The Vault Boxing and Fitness is hosts one on one Boxing, Kickboxing, and fitness sessions at Moore Park bat and ball oval. A beautiful location surrounded by trees that provide shade, more than enough space to run, train, and fight. With toilet facilities and parking at Moore park golf club this is a fine place to train.

Our instructors teach real Boxing, kickboxing, and fitness skills in a fun and approachable way that is suited to all levels from never-thrown-a-punch up to ready-for-a-title-fight. We make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get to their goals in a way that is safe and engaging.

Sessions are $50 for a one on one and an additional $20 per person for 2 or more people to attend, please email us to book a spot.

Please bring your own gloves however let us know if you need to borrow or want to purchase gloves.